There’s Something New and Surprising Among Things to Do in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the most exciting cities to visit in the world. Its name is magic. In a trip to Jerusalem, people – whether arriving as part of an organized Jerusalem tourism group or just coming to visit Jerusalem on their own – will find that there is no lack of things to see or things to do in Jerusalem.

Among the main sites, typically offered on all Jerusalem tours, are such colorful and exotic places as the walled Old City with its Jewish, Christian and Muslim holy sites, the teeming Mahane Yehuda outdoor market, and the high-ground vistas that overlook the breathtaking cityscape.

It is like stepping back into a living time machine, taking one back through thousands of years of history and up until the present day. But it is not only historic Jerusalem that is so exciting. Among things to do in Jerusalem today there are new and exciting features that have been added, telling the story not only of Jerusalem of yore but also of the living and breathing Jewish state today and its capital, Jerusalem.

A New Discovery – the Friends of Zion Museum

Featured among these things to do in Jerusalem that people are beginning to discover is the brand new Friends of Zion Museum in the colorful and historic Nahlat Shiva quarter in downtown Jerusalem. The Friends of Zion Museum is not a typical museum in the common sense of the term. Rather it is one of the most advanced, high-tech museums in the world.

It is the only museum that tells the story of how prominent non-Jews — including such personalities as Prof. George Bush, a 19th century ancestor of the US Presidents Bush; Queen Victoria of Britain; and former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill — contributed to the furtherance of the return and rebirth of the Jewish commonwealth in the Land of Israel.

Their stories and those of many others are told using spectacular, innovative visual and audio means, including animation, video, special lighting effects, three-dimensional projection, original music and other advanced techniques. Together they create an emotional and informative experience that is unforgettable and convey a message of how people of goodwill among the nations contributed to the creation of the modern state of Israel.

Looking for things to do in Jerusalem that you haven’t seen yet?  If so, you should not miss the Friends of Zion Museum. Check it out at