About the FOZ Museum

The Friends of Zion Museum opened in 2015 in the heart of Jerusalem with the help of thousands of supporters of Israel worldwide. It presents a technologically advanced and interactive experience that tells the stories of both the dream to restore the Jewish people to their historic homeland and the brave non-Jews who assisted them in realizing this dream.

The tour is available in 16 languages

The Friends of Zion Museum serves as a platform for fighting BDS and anti-Semitism internationally. The Museum is a non-profit organization operating in Jerusalem and supported by friends from all over the world.


Supporting the Zionist Dream

For centuries, the Biblical prophecies of Jews returning to their homeland seemed like only a distant dream. But a dream remembered year after year with Jews repeating the promise “next year in Jerusalem.”

Throughout history, Christian Zionists have stood in support of this dream with courage and, in many cases, sacrificed their lives to protect the Jewish people 

Although there is an increasing awareness in Israel of historic support from these non-Jewish friends, many remain unaware of the many Christian heroes, who have given their lives to save God’s Chosen People, and others who helped establish the modern State of Israel.

FOZ Museum exists to tell their stories.

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