Conference Center

The Friends of Zion Museum offers a spectacular space for diverse and prestigious boutique events, in a magical and unique Jerusalem atmosphere.
The museum offers an innovative and technologically advanced experience for organizations, companies, groups, and private individuals who seek spaces for conferences, seminars, private events, and more. All events are tailor-made specially to the client’s needs.


Can hold events for up to 150 people on two separate levels.

Lower level – 100 people, upper level 50 people.

HDMI connection

Wireless Internet

7500 mm (295) LED screen with moving panels

teleprompter, sound system

and onstage podium microphone.

Friends of Zion Classroom

Can hold events for up to 50 people.

HDMI connection

 Sound system equipment

Wireless Internet

 three 75-inch TV screens.

Salomon Hall

55 study chairs with adjustable armrests.

TV screen that serves as a projector.

10 power sockets.

Rivlin Hall

Can hold events for up to 50 people

Tv screen with USB connection

Wireless Internet

Easy access to smoking terrace

Easy access to restrooms

Rivlin Hall


Events up to 150 people


Events for up to 55 students

Auditorium class


Classroom for up to 60 students


Classroom for up to 50 students


Technologically advanced media center

  • Can hold events for up to 150 people, on two separate levels
    lower level – 100 people, upper level – 50 people
  • Wireless Internet
  • 295 inch LED screen with moving panels
  • Teleprompter
  • Onstage podium microphone
  • Option for multi-participant presentation table
  • Air-conditioned
  • Handicap accessible


Technical Specs

  • 40 Square meter LED screen with moving panels
  • Total resolution of 5888 by 3000 pixels
  • On-screen display of 3 different FHD quality video sources simultaneously
  • Screen operates as a VIDEOWALL with the option of displaying picture-in-picture
  • Professional FHD video production (mixer) system, including 4 professional cameras with a control panel and monitoring that cover the entire center
  • Ability to broadcast real-time streaming to social media (such as FACEBOOK) and record the broadcast in FHD quality
  • Audio system for simultaneous translation
  • Podium with a built-in screen for viewing content broadcast on an LED screen (for presentations)
  • Teleprompter system
  • Real-time content broadcast from the Auditorium to Salomon Hall
  •  ‘Gauzy’- Smart glass technology for private events
Auditorium dimension view

Friends of Zion Classroom

A welcoming atmosphere for lectures and studies

  • 55 study chairs with adjustable armrests
  • TV screen that serves as a projector for lectures.
  • Wireless Internet
  • Air – Conditioned
  • 10 power and charging sockets

Salomon Hall

A beautifully designed hall with a warm atmosphere

  • Can hold events for up to 60 people
  • Includes HDMI connection, sound system,  high-speed internet, three 75-inch TV screens
  • Air-conditioned
  • Handicap accessible
  • Salomon hall -68 square meters

Rivlin Hall

A uniquely rustic hall with a classic Jerusalem feel

  • Can hold events for up to 50 people
  • Tv screen with a USB connection
  • Wireless Internet
  • Air-conditioned
  • Electrical outlets throughout the room

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