Looking for attractions in Jerusalem?

We invite you the Friends of Zion Museum – one of Jerusalem’s landmarks offering an interactive experience for the whole family.

Visit our museum in Jerusalem for a magical and groundbreaking journey that tells the stories of Jews and non-Jews who together realized the dream of a Jewish national home.

What awaits you on your visit?

The tour is about an hour long and should be booked in advance. We will go through 7 different exhibits presenting innovative technological effects and huge touch screens that together create a fascinating experience.

The opening exhibition – The Promised Land, takes us back in time using the most advanced technological means.

Next – the Founders exhibit, where we will watch the story of God’s eternal promise to the people of Israel, on a 24-meter-wide screen – the largest projection display in a museum in Israel.

Off to the Hall of Dreamers – a unique audio-visual exhibit about the four dreamers who contributed greatly to the realization of the Zionist dream – among them the story of Prof. George Bush, worthy of mention due to his famous descendants, who later became presidents of the United States.

The Hall of Visionaries is a colorful mural painted by a team of selected artists and extends along the length of the gallery with 35 touch screens that connect to each other. Touching each of the 11 figures will tell the stories of their significant contribution to the establishment of the State of Israel.

The most exciting exhibit in the museum – the Lights in the Darkness exhibit, tells the stories of the Righteous Among the Nations through unique and exciting animation.

In the Hall of the Brave, we will get to know the heroes who contributed significantly to the military forces in the struggle for the establishment of the state of Israel and created legitimacy for its position among the nations of the world.

The museum tour culminates in the concluding exhibition – The Promise Theater, where we will meet all the figures who believed in the eternal promise, acted by it, and stood by the Jewish people – in a surprising three-dimensional display.

exhibits presenting innovative technological

For more details and to schedule a visit, call 02-5329401 or click here.

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