Saluting the Wounded Soldiers FIDF

We came together for a meaningful event, expressing our gratitude and solidarity towards IDF wounded soldiers. In a joint event of the Friends of Zion Museum and Beit Halochem, we experienced an evening filled with powerful stories and heartfelt connections.
We were honored to host Brigadier General (res.) Gal Hirsch, Meirav Tal, who was released from Hamas’ captivity. Meirav arrived with the family of Yair Ya’akov who was her partner and was tragically murdered on October 7th, his body still held in Gaza.
Dvir Fischer, a resilient soldier, shared his personal story of injury during wartime, offering a glimpse into the sacrifices made by our brave defenders.
Let us salute the IDF wounded soldiers in Israel, honoring their valor and unwavering dedication to our nation’s security.
Saluting the Wounded Soldiers FIDF
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