This Attraction is a Must

They say seeing is believing, and in this case, words cannot describe the unique experience this museum in Israel has to offer – the Friends of Zion Museum will take you on an interactive journey that tells the story of the dream to restore the Jewish people to their historic homeland and the brave non-Jews who assisted them in realizing this dream.
One of the best attractions in Jerusalem – the Museum is part of a new complex that includes an auditorium for events, a residence for Holocaust survivors, and a cozy boutique cafe.
An old Jerusalem building, located in Nahalat Shiva, near Kikar Hahatulot   in the city center, houses a complex of about 1,500 square meters and an investment of millions with the aid of thousands of pro-Israel supporters from all over the world.  
It is for a reason the Friends of Zion Museum is one of Jerusalem landmarks – this magnificent project is the first “Smart Museum” in Israel, in which real miracle takes place that extends over three floors leading the visitor on a journey through time.
The first two floors tell the story of the vision –  a historical display, which begins long before the establishment of the state. The upper floor shows the present time and what the future holds for us. A tour of the place reveals the use of unique technology, painted three-dimensional mirrors, impressive audio-visual displays, and a rare floor made of some of the most extensive LED lighting in the world, synchronized with the holograms on the walls.
The Museum aims to inspire, tell the unbelievable stories of the Righteous Among the Nations, some of which are less known, instill their heritage, and  praise the historic bridges between Zionists worldwide and the state of Israel.
The Museum mainly deals with the Jewish spirit and the great support Jewish people received during many tribulations throughout history.
It consists of seven spectacular exhibits, which convey the historical story of all those non-Jewish Zionist figures – who have so far been overlooked a little – for future generations.
Going through the fascinating exhibit you interactively discover interesting details and engage in an experiential, multi-sensory, and fun way through creating a special closeness and interaction with the characters that cannot be experienced elsewhere.
3D life-size characters come to life using animation technique – in the “Founders” exhibit you can get to know Abraham and the other founding fathers who were a part of the beginning of the history of the Promised Land.
The museum tour is fascinating, easy to navigate, accompanied by a guide and rich in images and sounds. The decision to build the show according to a chronological and historical timeline makes it possible to observe the journey of the Jewish people over the different centuries and decades. Moreover, the Friends of Zion Museum serves as a platform for the struggle and manifestations of anti-Semitism worldwide.
After visiting the FOZ Museum, you can walk in the pedestrian zone on Yoel Moshe Salomon Street, where you will find shops, art galleries, and the Hebrew Music Museum.
Hungry? There’s a variety of restaurants and cafes on the nearby Hillel Street, and if you are in the mood for shopping, you are a five-minute walk away from the Mamilla Mall and a fifteen-minute walk from Mahane Yehuda Market.
visitors at foz musum in jerusalem
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