The Jerusalem Post: One of Israel’s Trusted Sources

On December 1, 1932, The Jerusalem Post was born. Though, its beginnings came in January 1925, it was then that The Palestine Bulletin was founded by the founder of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Jacob Landau. In 1931, the new editor of the Bulletin, Gershon Agron, created a separate newspaper The Palestine Post after a dispute with Landau, which later became jointly-owned and the paper that Israelis and people all over the world view today.

In the era before the State of Israel was established, The Palestine Post was known for publishing news in English and supported the Jewish people’s struggle for sovereignty in the Land of Israel. The Palestine Post was also a major critic of the British immigration policies which restricted Jews from moving to their ancestral and historic homeland. It was two years after Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion announced the birth of the modern Jewish state that the newspaper became The Jerusalem Post.
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In the last one-hundred years, The Jerusalem Post has published news from the major events west of the Jordan River, including: the height of the Jewish people’s struggles in British Mandate of Palestine, the establishment of the State of Israel, several wars which threatened Israel’s destruction and ultimately showed its resilience, the development of start-up nation and today’s contemporary challenges and achievements. Notably, the publication of Israel’s establishment on May 14, 1948 is an iconic image embedded into Israel’s history, the image stems from The Palestine Post.

Today, The Jerusalem Post is known as one of Israel’s prominent English news sources, it is also one of its oldest and most successful. The current editor of The Post is Yaakov Katz and its CEO is Ronit Hasin-Hochman; the news sources identifies as politically independent but has seen the Israeli people shift all over the spectrum.