The immense contribution of the Philippine people to the Jewish people During World War II

Jerusalem,January 2017
After the terrible night of Kristallnacht in Germany and the beginning of clear persecution of Jews at the beginning of World War II, hundreds of residents of Manila, in the Philippines, took to the streets to protest. Philippine President Manuel Luis Quezon immediately took action and issued an official declaration condemning the Nazis, declaring that his country will distribute visas to Jewish immigrants. Against all odds, he succeeded in issuing 10,000 visas to European Jewry.

President Quezon did not stop there and initiated the establishment of housing for Jewish immigrants, finding employment solutions, and even requisitioning farmland from his estate for their use. In addition, he established the first synagogue in Manila, “Temple Emil.”

In January 2017, Ilan Scolnik from the Friends of Zion Museum met with H.E. Ambassador Nathaniel Imperial of the Philippines at the Embassy to mark the immense contribution of the Philippine people to the Jewish people and to the State of Israel, during the Second World War and up to the present day. The Ambassador recorded a special message calling for people around the world to stand with Israel and combat anti-Semitism. He emphasized the importance of continuing the legacy President Quezon began during World War II.