A Jerusalem Museum unlike Any Other You’ve Ever Been To

What does one expect to get out of a visit to a museum in Jerusalem – any museum? Surely to be enlightened, to come out of the museum knowing more than when you went in. Hopefully also to have enjoyed the experience, with a feeling that the visit to the museum was time well spent. Maybe if the museum is a particularly dynamic and lively place, with many innovative modes of presentation, one will also have had a sense of entertainment. Perhaps one can also be inspired by a museum in a life-changing way?

Indeed, not every museum can accomplish all that, particularly those museums that are older and more traditional. The Friends of Zion Jerusalem Museum set itself the goal to accomplish all that and more! Not only has the FOZ Museum inspired all of the reactions noted above, but it has also become one of the top Jerusalem attractions for Jewish and non-Jewish visitors from abroad and Israeli residents alike.

With our up-to-date, advanced high-tech displays, the Friends of Zion Museum is a special and unconventional Jerusalem museum that appeals to all ages, beginning with elementary school children and up to adults of any age from a variety of countries and cultures. Indeed, the museum tells its stories in no less than 16 languages, which are catered to the origin of the group visiting at any particular time.

The museum relays, through a variety of electronic techniques, the stories of dreamers like Prof. George Bush (an ancestor of the US Presidents Bush) in the 19th century, and activists like British Maj. Gen. Orde Wingate, who trained Jewish fighters in pre-state Israel in the 20th century. These and many others like them were people who, out of their deep faith in the Bible and its promises of the right of the people of Israel to the land of Israel, preached, cajoled and acted vigorously to promote the re-establishment of the Jewish people in their biblical homeland.

Their intriguing and inspiring stories are told at our new Jerusalem museum using the most up-to-date visual and audio methods available, involving video, animation, three-dimensional projection, unusual lighting effects, original music and other techniques. The result is an emotional and informative experience for the visitor that is unforgettable. Many visitors come from the museum saying that they never knew before how righteous, believing non-Jews played such an important role in the creation of the modern State of Israel and that this has inspired them to a new appreciation for Israel and for those who helped bring it about.

A Jerusalem Museum in the Midst of a Charming Area

The brand new Friends of Zion Museum is located in a historic building complex in the Nahalat Shiv’a quarter of downtown Jerusalem and is known as one of the most advanced museums in Israel. This is an area well worth visiting, consisting of late 19th century stone buildings, which today house a variety of boutique shops, restaurants and coffee houses, preserving the feeling of Jerusalem of 100 years ago, before Jerusalem spread out from the walls of the Old City.

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