Hall of the Brave

Brave Heroes Acting Against the Stream

We have emerged from the dramatic Lights in the Darkness gallery, where we encountered those courageous Christians who at the risk of their own security and their very lives strove with unwavering dedication to rescue Jews from the flames of the Holocaust.

Now, in this gallery, we encounter those heroes who – resisting the tremendous pressures put upon them from their superiors or advisers – made an enormous difference in the formation of the defense forces that were to support the foundation of the emerging State of Israel in the Holy Land and its place among the nations of the world. Not only that, but in some cases they placed their own lives in danger to accomplish this. This gallery is dedicated, by extension, to the Christian men and women in every generation who have been willing to give their lives on the field of battle in order to keep the promise of Israel alive for each generation.

‘Living’ Figures Tell Us Their Stories

Our heroes are depicted here by the Friends of Israel Museum in a dramatic, “living” high-tech manner. When a visitor walks up to any of the animated, life-size video images on the wall, the person depicted begins speaking “personally” to that viewer, telling the tale of his involvement with the people of Israel. The technique blends live actors re-enacting four heroes’ personal storytelling with genuine archive footage.

The talking and gesturing images represent Col John Patterson of the British Army, commander of the Zion Mule Corps in WWI; Gen. Marie- Pierre Koenig of the French Army, a proud commander of French free forces in North Africa, who so highly valued his Jewish troops from the Holy Land; Harry Truman, the plain-spoken and independent-minded president of the US, who immediately recognized the State of Israel when it declared independence, against the strong advice of his own State Department; and Maj. Orde Wingate of the British Army, who trained Jewish guerrilla fighters in pre-state Israel. The exhibit on Wingate is presented on a platform that combines a physical sand table model, video mapped and synchronized to the story telling figure.

The Partition Vote in the United Nations

Also in the Hall of the Brave gallery, one can listen to a recording of the actual vote in the United Nations on Nov. 29, 1947, when the partition plan for Jewish and Arab states in the Land of Israel was approved. As we hear the votes of the countries on the partition plan, an electronic board traces the location of those countries on a large world map.

Testimonials to Brave Christian Rescuers – Modern heroes

Adjacent to this gallery is FOZ Museum’s testimonial room with filmed messages from people in Israel who tell of how their lives were saved by brave Christian rescuers. This collection of personal testimonials is broadcast in 4k resolution on a huge 9 LCD screen video wall creating an intimate experience with visitors in the FOZ Museum.

To see the Hall of Brave Exhibit in our 3D virtual tour click here.