The Promised Land

Welcome to the Holy Land

The Promised Land exhibit opens our tour of the Friends of Zion Museum. This stunning exhibit introduces us to the message of this newest and most technologically advanced museum in Jerusalem. As we enter the room, we see in graphic form the beginning of the more than 3000-year-old saga of the people of Israel in the Land of Israel. At our feet, a 12-meter-long topographic map outlines the boundaries of the land settled by the 12 tribes of Israel, with names of the main biblical towns of that era.

The Land of Israel Before Our Eyes

The wall-to-wall screen before us comes alive with colorful aerial view scenes of modern-day Israel. Taking us on a breathtaking trip from south to north, west to east, as an electronic line traces our tour on the topographic floor map – connecting what is on the screen with the biblical landscape depicted on the map. Accompanied by an original musical score, we view fields and shorelines, deserts and green hills, Modern and ancient cities, and of course, Jerusalem – the heart of Zion. The combination of breathtaking video, creative mapping technology, and surround sound contributes to a unique emotional experience: a truly uplifting and inspiring introduction to our Friends of Zion Museum.

Believing Christian Ideologues

With a rich history, this ancient land has undergone many centuries – indeed millennia – of conquest, bloodshed, and desolation over the ages. Only in the modern era has it blossomed into the miracle of Israel reborn that we know today. This did not happen by itself. Dreamers, believers, philosophers -people of action over the ages, believed in the rebirth of the “Land of Milk and Honey.” Including many believing Christians, whose faith and devotion to the Bible’s promises of redemption impelled them to keep alive the dream and the promise that the people of Israel would return and revive this landscape.

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