The Promise Theater

The Grand Finale - A Stunning 3D presentation

The last station in the Friends of Zion Museum experience in Jerusalem is the most visually and emotionally striking of all. The Promise Theater, a visually sweeping three-dimensional presentation viewed with polarized 3D glasses.

Here, we see the personalities we encountered in the previous galleries, from Abraham up to modern times, telling how each responded to the call to be there, to inspire, and to take part in the fulfillment of the promise to restore the people of Israel to a glorious Holy Land.

The people who appear before us each answered “Here Am I” when the time came for them to act.

Courageous Non-Jews who Furthered the Renewal of the Holy Land

Among the courageous non-Jews of the past 200 years, we have encountered dreamers like John Henry Dunant. Visionaries like Lord James Balfour and Winston Churchill. Those who took great risks to save Jews like Irena Sendler and Chiune Sugihara. Brave figures like Col. John Patterson and President Harry Truman. Courageous military commanders like Maj. Orde Wingate and Gen. Marie Pierre Koenig. Among them too were those like the ten Booms and Raoul Wallenberg, who sacrificed their lives in their unflagging efforts to save Jews.

Here Am I

As beautiful scenes of the Holy Land and the faces of many historic figures forming a mosaic with a colorful 3D technique, we feel truly a part of what we are viewing.
Finally, faces of people of modern-day Israel are shown, and we question whether the statement of “Here Am I” regarding our feelings and support for the Holy Land could apply to us, the visitors to the museum.
The answer is presented in a wonderfully visual way that will leave many presents with a smile on their faces as they complete their visit to this most unusual museum in Jerusalem.

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