Lights in the Darkness

Righteous Among the Nations Amidst the Darkness

The Lights in the Darkness gallery uses animation to tell the tales of the Righteous Among the Nations, whose faith and consciences drove them to save the lives of Jews, young and old, during the Holocaust in Europe. In a dramatic fashion, images appear on a dark, “shattered” wall, introducing us to Christian personalities from Germany, Poland, Holland, Japan, and Sweden who exercised extraordinary and dangerous initiatives to save Jews during the Holocaust in Europe. These heroes are represented on the screen before us as beams of light against a totally dark background.

Lights in the Darkness
Lights in the Darkness

The Heroes

Emotional and animated scenes depict both wartime horrors and untiring efforts towards rescue. We see and hear of the exceptional actions of heroes like Oskar Schindler from Germany, Irena Sendler, a Polish nurse, and Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese consul general in Lithuania, and many others.

Righteous Among the Nations

All were Heroes, but only some survived the clutches of the Nazi murder regime. These Righteous Among the Nations were people whose Christian morals would not allow them to just “stand by” and see God’s children sacrificed on the altar of man’s inhumanity. The presentation ends with a unique and surprising technological demonstration, where the audience experiences firsthand the responsibility each person holds for the fate of their fellow man.

Lights in the Darkness

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