Recommended Places To Visit And A Unique Museum In Jerusalem

foz museum - outside look

  Jerusalem is one of the most famous cities in the world to visit. Everybody who tours Israel explores Jerusalem and discovers the wonder of both the ancient and modern sites.  A city filled with different cultures, religions, and languages. There is so much to see and do in this beautiful city of gold. The […]

Ariel Sharon: True Leader, Military Hero

Ariel Sharon

On February 26th, 1928,  exactly 95 years ago, the State of Israel’s 11th Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, was born. Like many former Israeli generals, Sharon decided to enter the world of politics and he joined center-right Liberal Party, where he played a major role in forming the Likud political party. Over his political career, Sharon […]

Chaim Herzog: President, Ambassador, General & Defender Of Zionism

chaim Herzog

Major-General Chaim Herzog is known for his bold defense of the truth, that Zionism, the belief that the Jewish people have the right of self-determination in their historic homeland, is not racism. Herzog’s defense of this self-evident truth came in the form of his speech against United Nations Resolution 3379, a speech which was broadcasted […]

San Remo Conference Of 1920: Reshaping The Middle East

San Remo Conference

Two decades before the United Nations Palestine partition resolution of 1947 that led to the declaration of the State of Israel, an international conference was held in Europe that set the framework for the future independent status of the Land of Israel. That conference was held 99 years ago in San Remo, Italy, from April […]

Operation Moses: Airlifting Our Brothers Back Home

Operation moses

In 1984, Sudan was in the middle of a civil war which caused a major famine. This was an opportunity for the State of Israel to recollect more of the Jewish people. In November 1984, the State of Israel would airlift some 8,000 Ethiopian Jews (or “Falashas”) from Sudan back to their homeland, the Land […]

FOZ Museum – A Vision Come To Life

FOZ Museum

The Friends of Zion Museum, founded by Mike Evans, an American Christian evangelist and author of over 70 books, first opened its doors in 2015.  His vision was to create a unique museum using state-of-the-art technology to show Israel the love that Christians have for the Jewish people. In addition, the Museum showcases the story […]

Pastor Jack Graham

We had the pleasure of hosting Pastor Jack Graham, along with a group of about 200 visitors at FOZ museum. After touring the museum, a ceremony was held in our Media Center with the participation of Border Police soldiers, and Border Police Officer of Intelligence and Investigation in Jerusalem, Commander Assaf Shahar who made a […]

Buchenwald Nazi concentration camp liberation

The Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald

On April 10, 1945, The Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald was liberated by U.S. troops.Established in July 1937, its was one of the first major concentration camps.The camp initially housed criminals and later Jews, and all others who were deemed unworthy by Nazi ideology. Out of 280,000 prisoners 60,000 were murdered.On the main gate the sentence […]

Jerusalem – What To See, Hear, Smell And Taste?

Western Wall Tunnels

Israel is a melting pot of cultures, religions, and peoples from across the globe. As the world’s only Jewish state, Israel’s capital and Judaism’s holiest city, Jerusalem stands out as a great tourist attraction. One of the world’s most famous cities, Jerusalem is world-renowned for its sights, cuisine, culture and nightlife. Jerusalem is the focal […]

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