Hall of Dreamers

Believers in the Dream

The Hall of Dreamers introduces four unique stories of believers in making the Dream come true – The Dream that the scattered People of Israel would be gathered from the four corners of the earth and return to their homeland – a flourishing Land of Israel – as the Prophets had so long ago foretold. Their Dream was the Dream of Zion restored. Now, in our time.

Meeting the first Christian Zionists:

Professor George Bush

George Bush was an ordained Presbyterian minister and professor of Hebrew and Oriental Literature at New York University. He was convinced of the truths of the Biblical prophecies of Israel’s return to their land and became a national voice calling for the restoration of …
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John Henry Dunant

John Henry Dunant of Geneva, Switzerland. who had already achieved renown as the founder of the International Red Cross, became a leading and active participant in the movement to restore Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel, even being invited as one of …
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William Blackstone

William Blackstone was born in 1841 in upstate New York. He achieved financial success early in life, while living in the Chicago area, but after undergoing an all-night, dreamlike, soul-searching experience, he renounced all material pursuit and set out on a path of religious devotion through advancement of his Christian faith
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Ten Boom family

The Dreamers took various paths towards implementation of their strong beliefs. In the case of the Ten Boom family of Haarlem, the Netherlands, it took the form of regular prayer meetings (“Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem”), which were carried on through three …

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